Raymond J. Ankrum, Sr.

I am a passionate educator that has worked tirelessly to improve the shortfalls that exist in urban education. I am a life-long learner that is not afraid to embrace change, and challenge the status quo. Using research-based methodologies, I have helped to transform the cultures of several high performing charter schools as well as several public schools located in the Northeastern United States.

Currently I serve as the Executive Director/Principal of the only K-8 Charter school located in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. We service about 425 students with over 80% free and/or reduced lunch. I manage a team full of passionate, solution-oriented teacher-leaders and operations staff members. We pride ourselves on our ability to push one another’s thinking, so we can be in the best predicament to enact change for our students.

In 2013, I project managed our NY State charter amendment process, and we were extended from a K-6 Charter school to a K-8 charter school. In 2014, I project managed our NY State charter renewal process, in which we were awarded a 3-year charter renewal period. In January 2015, we will occupy our new facility, which will allow us to enroll more students, while continuing to change the lives of families in Suffolk County, NY.

Moreover, I am also an emerging scholar-practitioner/advanced standing doctoral student at Northeastern University, School of Professional Development. My program concentration is Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, and Leadership. I am considered in the education world as “ABD”. This means that I have completed all of the prerequisites for my doctoral program, and I am currently working on completing and defending my dissertation sometime in 2017.   My dissertation topic is centered on the role SES plays in school readiness for African-American males.

Below as an example of work that I’ve published.


To connect and/or network, follow me on twitter: @Mr_Ankrum or email me at ankrumr09@tcprincipal.org


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